Paula DeStefanis   Artist Statement 2020

I love the physical process of applying paint to canvas and the real sense of freedom I get in allowing a spontaneous application of color and line to the prepared surface. The unpredictability and potential sense of discovery are very exciting, and one of the main reasons I do what I do.

I have always subscribed to the theory of “paint for paint’s sake” by celebrating the physical qualities of the medium while including the images or textures that move me. I believe that each medium renders a unique response. In acrylic, I tend to draw from my daily experiences, beginning each canvas as a written journal resulting in multi-layered and often very geometrical works. In oils, I tend to be drawn to the patina and decay of aged surfaces.

My goal is to create stunning pieces of art that will engage the viewer and foster a dialogue that is invigorating, educational, and rewarding


Paula Destefanis is an American painter known for her multilayered abstract paintings. Working in series, alternately in acrylic and oil, she uses repetition and layering to symbolize time, duration, and change. Her process leads to in depth exploration of a concept from multiple perspectives. Layering paint, sometimes with unconventional tools, and often scratching away to find what lies beneath, the work celebrates both the physical and emotive qualities of the chosen medium.

Paula is active in the arts community through her work with North Shore Academy of the Arts and the Arts Mill. As Director, Paula drives art and educational programming for the two facilities as well as curation and management of exhibits. 

A practicing artist for 30 years, Paula divides her time between her studios in the US and UK.  Her work can be found in galleries throughout the Midwest as well as corporate and private collections around the world.

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Artsy Shark Featured Artist 2020

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