We all need diverse influences


August 13, 2017

As I sit in my home studio pondering the week ahead, I feel nothing but pure graittude.

Gratitude for the support of family, friends and the visual art community in WI.

This Wednesday I leave for UK, to participate in my second exhibit there in 5 years.

I am doing so with the generous support of the Mary l. Nohl Suitcase Fund.

It is with this support I am able to participate in the Robertsbridge Arts & Crafts Fair in

Robertsbridge, East Sussex, England. Robertsbridge is believed to date back to 1176.

Travel and being immersed in other cultures has always played a vital part in my artistic

process and growth.

Art and literature have played significant roles in shaping my understanding of

differences (and similarities).

I am so honored to have this opportunity to exhibit and most importantly meet other

artists and patrons abroad.

Perhaps my presence will also have an influence on someone there?

Now more than ever, it is important to cross the cultural lines and with maybe with the

platform of art, spread friendship and understanding.  PEACE.


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