These days you need to be everything

IMG_9854I haven’t written in a while.  I have been busy painting.  It’s amazing how as an artist if you work on 1 task it seems to take you away from another.  I do my best to spread my time out, but if I find I am in a groove of one sort or another, I stay in one spot for a while.

I have been painting – A LOT.  So what does that mean?  It means I haven’t been promoting on social media.  I haven’t been building frames.  I haven’t been updating my web site.  I haven’t been entering shows.  It’s a challenge dividing your time up.  If I could paint in the morning, do social media in the afternoon and make frames at night, life would be perfect.

But inspiration rarely works that way.  I have bouts of total inspiration and its like I am on a maniac high and I can’t stop painting.  I can say the same for self promotion and the rest.

Well, I am back writing.  So what does that mean?  Am I painting?  I sure hopes so… cause in the end, it’s really all I want to do.  The just is for financial survival.

Happy Weekend All.

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