Different Paint ~ Different Style

November Acrylic Series

I like where I am in my painting life

I feel a sense of maturity

I have embraced abstraction

Which I find common with mature painters

I no longer strive for the perfect still life

I no longer strive for the balanced shading

I seek experimentation and complexity without thought

Here is where I paint instinctively

I let my hand and my heart guide me

I paint with Oils – I get texture

I paint with Acrylic – I get pattern

I no longer worry what people will say

I embrace the collection of styles and techniques

When I was starting I was told to latch on to a style – Why?

Isn’t it my purpose as an artist to seek creativeness?

I no longer worry

I just paint from my soul….

1 Comment

  1. I love this new painting style displayed in your most recent works. The colors, patterns and lines are organic, energetic and full of life.

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