La Boheme – Mothers Day to Me

La Boheme

My Mother, the Opera singer’s favorite opera..

so crazy fitting to see it on Mothers Day

with Piera..

I have been without inspiration lately..

not today

Puccini gives opera meaning

Opera now makes full sense

To me , Opera is Puccini

Passion only our souls could dream of

La Boheme, love and spring

I am with both

Today was a full circle

I grew up with La Boheme in my home

I have seen many operas, never La Boheme

I have been to La Scala

the Met

And never saw La Boheme..

I was moved in ways I had forgotten..

What a perfect Mothers Day..

Thank you mom for putting La Boheme in my soul

You were right.. the best Opera out there…

Happy Mothers Day Mom


our passport Italia to USA – Natalie, Piera and Paola DeStefanis..

Thank you Puccini!


  1. Katie’s friend was in the production and she wanted me to go with her.  But we couldn’t work it out.  

    I love Puccini…..


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