My Camelot

Bodiam Castle
Bodiam Castle

I was fortunate enough to make a trip that was a direct result of Art. Even more so, because of the Arts Mill, the studio I work at.  Had I not had the camaraderie and support of fellow artists I would not have entered the show in England.  And had I not traveled with these Arts Mill Artists, I may not have gone.

I consider myself lucky to be an artist. A life choice considered difficult by most.  But also one most envied by many.  Yet an artist with out support can have a lonely and unsuccessful existence.   I know so many artists who are afraid to share, they are worried their great idea or painting will be stolen. What a lonely idea.  How many original ideas are there really?  I believe most art is influenced by some other art, most often not intentional.  My creative ideas are made by relationships and travel.

I am lucky, I have found a home and family for my creativity.  Through this comfort and sometimes discomfort I find peace.  I know the support we offer each other will only open other doors for each one of us.

All artists have different goals.  For some its a great painting.  Some, its financial success, for me, travel and relationships (with some darn good painting time). Whenever I leave my family of artists it reminds me of how blessed I am, and I always feel compelled to share it.

I feel wiser each day.  I feel confident to say if you allow your self to be open to it, you will have many artistic experiences.

I just left my Camelot and I got there because of artistic support.  Don’t be afraid to seek support. Go out there and share your adventures and find your artistic home.  Your Camelot awaits you…


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