What a year can bring…

detail of work in progress
detail of work in progress

A lot can happen in a year

365 days

12 months

100’s of birthdays

countless paintings

and I am here

Its amazing the transformation that can occur in that amount of time

In reflection, I really don’t think I could have foreseen the outcome

365 days ago – I painted a very dark self portrait

Than I went to total abstraction

I could’nt be bothered with subject matter

I was the subject matter

I still am, most likely always will be

My early canvases were light pulling away from dark

light being free

2 heavy contrasts pulling away form one another

I painted with my hands, fingers in paint, tools unconventional

Half way through the year I introduced color

Lots and lots of color

Still the canvases were and still are heavily textured

Now its been a year

I am in the air, literally

My newest canvas, HUGE

4 feet by 5 feet

and its filled with color and layers many layers

There is no texture

It doesn’t feel rough only smooth

I welcome the next 365 days

Where will I be?

A few of you know – I will need to look at my canvas to tell

I only hope the days will linger and not move too quickly so,

I can savor the creation

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