From the Director – Paula DeStefanis Christensen

Zach Hill
Zach Hill

This exhibit holds a very valuable place in my artistic vision. It is the perfect 2nd anniversary gift to our community. The Arts Mill is dedicated to creating a home for artists and art enthusiasts. This exhibit represents centuries of art and artists who have come before us. For centuries depictions of the human figure were prized more highly than those of still-life, animals or landscape, and from the Renaissance onward anatomy became a staple of the artist’s training.

The human figure in art carries, in many different ways and through different time periods, a huge importance, being the most direct means by which art can address the human condition. Early on its significance was supernatural, a rendering of gods or spirits in human form. Later, in the Renaissance time period, art’s obsession with the figure reflected an increasingly humanist outlook, with humankind at the center of the universe. Modern art through its distortions, may be interpreted as reflecting human alienation, isolation and anguish.

What better way to understand today’s world, today’s issues by looking at those who are living in it? The human body is the looking glass into our history, past, present and future.

 Enjoy the exhibit.


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