Why Jury? Peep Show – Entry 3

Jennifer Cooney Vulpas
Jennifer Cooney Vulpas
for the
Peep Show

I had not planned on this blog for my discussion of the Peep Show, but like life it was thrown at me.  Some one just posted a comment I felt very directed at me, and now I must get on my soap box and address.  WHY JURY?  There are many reasons, and I am not going to be able to address them all, but one very basic reason is to challenge and improve your artistic talents.  Like a soccer player runs, an artist must create.  Does the soccer player improve if she does not compete against another?  Most likely not.  Truthfully, the lack of the competition would most likely not even give the soccer player the desire to play.

Why must art have different standards?  I am sick of hearing about the starving artist, the artist who creates in their basement….we always are painted so drearily.  Yes, its OK to paint to your hearts desire and never want to enter a jury show, but please do not snicker at those who are and are succeeding.

I personally work endless hours, with others, with little in reward for the art of others.  I feel deep in my heart that juried shows are a must on the advancement of artistic excellence.  Do not criticize those who enter shows as I do not snicker at those who do not.

American artists inhabit a populist mass market culture that indulges mediocrity, instant gratification, and gross ignorance of the intelligence behind visual art. That’s why I jury.

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