Why Peep?


During the next 2 weeks leading into our next exhibit at The Arts Mill Peep Show, I am going to share my thoughts on producing this exhibit.  Why I felt it was so important to do.  There are many components to the importance of this exhibit.  I will try to tackle the topic over the next few days.

First, the name – PEEP SHOW.  WOW, no shortages of opinions out there.  I got them all.  Funny thing about being an artist, you constantly get unsolicited advice.

So no worries, I am thick skinned by now.  Truth be told, it was great marketing.  How many curious people are out there? There seems to be many.  Had I just named it the exhibit of fine art nudes, who would have cared?  Sounds boring to me.  Call it Peep Show and I have just caught your attention. Bingo!

 But the main reason – American have some strange hang ups with nudity.  I like to travel to Europe where they seem so much more comfortable with their bodies than us. This idea really drove home to me, hence the word PEEP.  We want to look, but we feel guilty so instead we take a peek, just like we would in a Peep Show. 

Now that we have your attention, come take a peek but instead take a long look.  Stay awhile and admire the art work.

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