2013 Time for a NEW Chapter

In my studio

2013 has brought much artistic and personal change for me. I am finally getting through the long dark tunnel I have been stuck in. I am close to the light. I can feel its warmth. Don’t get me wrong, there are still cold breezes slapping me in the face from time to time. But like the snow, its all fading. Its been a tough personal journey, one I think I will never visit again. Too long was this trip I took. I should have departed years ago. Denial is a strong emotion. It sure beat me.

I turn 50 in 20 days. It sounds so old to me. Yet I feel so young? I feel much wiser. They keep telling me 50 is great. I hope so. I could really use great!

GREAT…come and get me! I have been waiting too long!


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