To London with Love

I just returned from London for my first exhibition out of the country.  I traveled with 2 of my best friends artists Sue Cibulka,, and Val Schleicher,  We were prefect travel companions.  The Scholar, the Warrior and the Sage (wise one).

                The trip went smooth beyond any expectations.  Everything was on time and easy, very easy.  Our accommodations in Earl Court were wonderful and in a great location.  A studio apartment across the street from the tube making travel SIMPLE.

                Parallax London was in Chelsea, at the Old Chelsea Town Hall.  It was a beautiful building with a beautiful history inside.  We went on Friday to install our art work.  I must say there was some confusion regards to set up and kinks definitely needed to be worked out.  The only minor hick up we encountered was Sue and I did not have the friendliest  neighbor.  But how prefect can it all be?  Everything up until now had been.  Val received a great spot right on the marble floors of the entrance.

                Once again the best part of my travels was the people I met.  Friday night I had a great time meeting and having dinner with Shiri Achu.  A beautiful pregnant woman who lives in London and is from Cameroon.  Her vitality and smile was contagious.  A beautiful, optimistic woman,

                The Friday night opening was elegant.  So different than my New York opening, so many dressed up people!  Well of course, I am in London!  I should have thought about it.  People were in gowns, suits and tuxedos.  I of course was in jeans.  My clothing of choice.  At the end of the day, it was fine, made me look all the more like the artist I am.  Friday evening Sue and I spent a great amount time talking to a delightful photographer who live in Cologne German, right in the MIDDLE of Germany (our inside joke).  Stefan Havadi-nagy,  We drank red wine together and had nice conversation.  I even had my best glass of cognac with him.  Remarkable, a drink I never would have accepted, but it was great with him.  Perhaps it was the person I was with and not the drink at all.

                The weekend flew by; I grew over tired from the lack of sleep.  Yet there was yet another person I would meet that made the journey sweet.  Adrian Spinks,  A handsome kind hearted man.  He takes beautiful photographic images of England.  I was especially drawn to a beautiful weathered green door image in his portfolio.  The look of this door possessed the history that draws one to England, rich and layered.  A very special highlight of this trip was when the event was concluding, Adrian gave me the print of the door I loved so much.  That print now is next to me on my studio wall.  This beautiful gift is a delightful memory of a trip which unfortunately flew by. 

                We are so blessed in this world to now have computers and the technology in our phones and gadgets.  Since I have returned I have been in touch with my new global friends, you gotta love it.  You gotta Love London.

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