Going to London!

Arts Mill Artisans Travel with their Art to Chelsea London early October.


October is here and the leaves are changing. With it comes a trip to London for an exhibition that will bring the Director the arts Mill Paula DeStefanis Christensen and two of our own Art Mill Artisans; Sue Cibulka and Valorie Schleicher to Chelsea London for an international Art Show.

The shows premise is Art for the like of Art, an avant-garde way of viewing, buying and enjoying Art. The Parallax Art Fair is the world’s largest curated international art fair taking place along the King’s Road at the Chelsea Old Town Hall.

Parallax, which is conceived and curated by art historian Dr Chris Barlow, explores new theories in contemporary art and curation, with associated lectures and talks. It is also Freeze week in London the largest showing of Arts works from across the world in one place.

Dr Chris Barlow commented: “Parallax has grown since 2010 into a serious platform for new, emerging and established artists from all over the world to present their work to dealers, collectors, critics and buyers.

“We are very excited to welcome new, fresh artistic discoveries and showcase the very best of contemporary art.



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  1. hello, I am living in London and I think I will visit the Parallax too! I have been a follower of your blog for some time, will be a pleasure to meet you! Maybe I can buy you a coffee : D

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