Parallax NYC – a personal review

Its that time of year again..I have traveled and I feel compelled to share my words with you.  Why?  Not sure, I guess traveling always makes me feel more worldly, more compassionate, more artistic.


    I know I take art to an extreme.  I don’t just paint, I live to paint.  What I experienced this last weekend was what every artist  needs to experience.  At different levels of course.  Goals are important for an artist.  They can be simple, they can be complicated.  Most important, they need to be YOURS.  Mine, show in New York. Show in Europe.  It can be….make 8 paintings this year, do a gallery exhibit approach a store….
    Soho was everything you could have imagined.  I have been, but not on this side.  I was on the right side!  There were  artists from all over the world there.   Had so by great conversations.  The best part, I met so many cool artists from all over the world!! Tunisia, Israel, Portugal, Canada, Italy…OMG!  And you know what? 

They were all collaborative. We talked about shows, collaborations, sharing…it was amazing.  Lets continue to feed one another.  Pay it forward to another artist.  Nothing is more satisfying than that.  You may think its a sale.  But I promise you its the deed.

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