Hot Days of Summer

The steamy hot days of summer have been sizzling. I have been working very hard to bring my art work out in the world. The real world. Not just Cedarburg.

I lost my oldest friend at the start of this year. Through her suffering I saw clarity. I would no longer waste time with my art. I needed to seize the moment, get out there and make it happen for her. Once I made my mind up, there was no looking back. Last weekend I had an exhibit in Chicago, next month New York and London in October.  I am exhibiting in Soho in August at Parallax,

I thank my dear friend. You are my inspiration. Know your art lives on, now Globally.


    1. Marg – I think of her daily. Both sad, and inspired. Things are really changing for me, I think for the best. I really hold Biz in my thoughts daily. I loved her so much.
      Much love to you as well.

      Wanna get together for a bday drink??? I would love that!


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