1 down, 1 to go

I finished the first guitar for my Paramount Banner Project.  Here are the photos.  Now I have get to work on the second guitar.

One thing I would like to mention is that I am really proud of the group of artists who recievd the guitars after the Grafton Public Arts Board jury process. This is why:

To beat a NSAA/ Arts Mill Drum….. Out of the 8 banner guitars going in the plaza,

  • 2 went to Paula D Christensen (Me)- NSAA/Arts Mill
  • 2 to Valorie Schleicher – Arts Mill
  • 1 to Matt Reilly – NSAA/Arts Mill
  • 1 to Martin Morante

NSAA THAT’S 6! In Addition -There are 2 proto -type guitars that will be auctioned off later this summer in Grafton

  • 1 went to Arts Mill Artist – Meredith Shimp

WAY TO GO NSAA/ARTS MILL ARTIST’S!!!  I told you they were good!


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