Paramount Plaza Banner Design/Artwork

Paramount Plaza Banner Design/Artwork

I am pleased to share that I have had 2 designs chosen for the Village of Grafton’s Public Art Project  going up this summer.    Artists were asked to create up to two designs for a public arts banner as part of an eight original banner artwork project. The eight banners will be suspended from four street light  posts located in the Paramount Plaza. The design must visually support both the musical and cultural legacies of the Village of Grafton as well as the Village of Grafton stated Brand Position.  The Grafton Public Arts Board provided the selected artists with the metal banners which are in the shape of a guitar.  The relationship that the banners have with the Paramount Plaza, the relevant history and the Village of Grafton brand position were a critical consideration of design and the artist/designer needed be cognizant of its use as a visual reference in the Plaza. They were to be designed as an integral component of the overall experience that helps define the Plaza as a monumental environment by its own form and space.  Based upon their location, the banners will be visible from two sides and should be designed to be appealing in all directions.

Watch this post as I paint these 2 guitar banners during the month April!

Paramount Plaza Banner Design/Artwork
Paramount Plaza Banner Design/Artwork

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