Spring Fling! To Sale or not to Sale!

Spring Fling
Spring Fling

Next week April 17th – April 20th I am taking part in a SPRING FLING.  A term my fellow studio artist pegged to purge ourselves of old work.  Purging is not for everyone, but it does wonders for me.  I plan on having holiday/seasonal wearables marked down as well as a few paintings I have not been able to sell.  I LOVE DOING THIS!!  I always have.  It cleanses my creative soul.  It gives me a feeling of old ideas gone- new ones around the corner.  Absolutely nothing is wrong with the sale items; it’s just if I can’t sell it in 1 year, it’s time for a separation!  Easter was yesterday, makes me think…a time for newness

Hope you can make it!  Other artist s will be joining the fun!  All marked down items will be on the 3rd floor of the ARTS MILL.  See ya!


1300 14th Ave
Grafton, WI
Tuesday – Friday  11am – 5pm

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