White! White! White!

Winter White
Winter White


Have you ever tried to photograph your own art? It’s not that easy. I have been playing with it for years. Sometimes I can do it. Other times I can’t.  Hire a photographer you say? Sure, I do sometimes. But remember the saying “starving artist“? Its not always that simple and cost effective.

So that brings me to now. I am trying to photograph 3 large canvases of mine, that are mostly white and that are abstract. Let me tell you, I am bald as we speak. White can easily turn blue. Abstract can easily turn into blobs. Honestly, these are great paintings, I am very proud of them!! But to see them in a photograph does no

89days of winter
89days of winter

justice to them. They are to be experienced, in life. Stand right up front nice and close, so you want to touch. That’s when they are great!  So go ahead, touch!

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