Summer End ~ part 3


By July I have painted a dog, painted 3 metal bird sculptures, participated in Strawberry Fest.  Now I am staring straight into July. ART CAMP month at NSAA, North Shore Academy of the Arts.  I have camps/classes everyday with Kari Slater.  Things are crazy..don’t get me wrong, I love the kids, but its exhausting!  To top it off I have been given the task to paint murals with the lovely darlings…When is the last time you have painted a mural with a bunch of 6 year olds??  I tell you, you will drop dead in your clothes exhausted at bed time.  I don’t’ think there wasn’t a crevice in my body that did not have

some type of paint or art material in it.  Typically scenario; “OK Joey, please paint the the sky right here blue….(turn for a second, look back)  Joey??  Why are you painting the bricks blue?”  OMG!!

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