Summers End

Family of Metal Birds

Tote I was selling at Strawberry fest

Wow, I really thought I’d have a lot of time to post during the summer.  Quite the contrary, wow, was I busy.  June started off with a bang!  I participated in Cedarburg’s annual Strawberry fest.  It was a tough weekend.  It rained a lot.  My inventory got wet, I sold but not like normal.  It was an hot exhausting weekend!

Strawberry Festival was the start of a non-stop summer!  Than is was fast filled with arts events all summer long!!  At Strawberry Festival a friend from Grafton, asked that I paint her outdoor garden sculptures, this was not the first time I did this for her.  You can say I am the queen of painting funny things for people.  Look at these metal birds I painted for her!

metal Bird I painted