My Religion

I live in a frustrating world.  To me at least.  Probably, just me.  Here in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Everyone around me tells everyone what to do.  Gosh, it make my skin move.  Religion..ooh, hot topic..what is it??  These days it seems to me, that’s it everyone’s way or no way.  in my mind that’s unforgivable

A few years ago I met Urszula.  She came to me at NSAA  to volunteer.  She brought with her drawings that her and her 5 year old son made.  She asked if I had anything for her to do.  The meeting was unusual, but I sensed her talents.  Soon she volunteered.  Boy did she!  She and I are a great match!  After a year of so of great service I invited her to the board.   She needed a project I asked her to work on Felix Boller’s Out door Classroom.  Work on it, she dived in to it! With a little more than a year of hard work she pulled it off.  Its beautiful!

So now the outdoor classroom is built, beautiful Urszula says to messy Paula (me) “Hey, wouldn’t  be nice if the kids painted a mural out here?  Gads, I think!  Painting murals with kids is a mess!  But I nod, and say yes.  What is wrong with me?? really, don’t I have any self respect??  But for Urszula, I will make boulders move.  I say, sounds lovely!

Felix, if you only knew who was on your side….

(you will understand the my religion title, next post)

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