I painted yet another fiberglass creature for yet another community.  Its been quite the rage.  I have painted a dog, a bear, a cow, a butterfly a birdbath, and otter and a table.  At least what I can remember.  Its fun to do.  I stop adding stuff.  (Gluing sculptural components)  I got tired of all the vandalism. This time I just painted.

I painted a DOG.  Named, GLOBALLY GRAFTON, for the Village of Grafton, Wisconsin.  The concept was to paint postcards from all over the world on the dog.  Well wishes from people all over who had visited Grafton and had a great experience.  I was inspired by the world cup.  Even more the by the recent viewing of INVICTUS with my 17 year old son, Joshua Christensen.  We both found the movie very inspiring.  I love travel and meeting new people from all over the world.

I have attached some images of my dog.  Hopefully he will inspire some one too, instead of some local bone head thinking vandalism is cool.

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