HOT, very HOT and MUGGY! Summer is here in Milwaukee!

Day 2 of Summer in Milwaukee. HOTSUPER MUGGY. HOTLet the festivities begin! I love summer, wish I had 3 more months of it up here the north midwest!  Its my annual art festival season.

My first festival will be this weekend in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  Its the annual STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL.  Where a zillion people and their dogs..(please leave your dogs at home, really??  I like dogs but not here!) come out and eat strawberries, drink strawberry wine and buy lots of art and such.  Its a venue I have been visiting since I have lived here.  I don’t do many local shows because everyone here knows my art here, but there are so many tourists that visit, its a good place to be.

At this show I sell my wearables.  Hand-painted aprons, and totes mostly, some little canvases.  After years of doing this show I know this is the place to sell $25 goods, not high end product.  So come visit  my booth,

Large Music Tote
Large Music Tote
You are my Sunshine
You are my Sunshine

, and buy a tote for the beach, or any apron to barbecue in, either way..its a great place to be!

* Here is an image of a large Paula’s Palette Music tote.  A large Paula’s Palette Apron, You are my Sunshine. A small Italian canvas of Lake Como.

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