Good Morning!  This is my official start with my word press blog, thanks to my dear friend and fellow artist Val Schleicher,

It’s a grey Sunday morning here in Cedarburg, and I am already at the computer.  I always feel guilty when I am sitting in front of the screen.  I think its time I should be spending with my boys.  Yet, I am drawn to see if there is some type of marketing I can be doing so I can spend more time at home making my art, rather than run around trying to sell it.  It’s a vicious circle.

Currently I have an esty page,, which looks good, but I certainly am not selling things like crazy.  I have a old web page that needs updating,  I have a Facebook page, and just created a fan page, which I HAVE NOT figured out…A twitter page,  Is it all helping?? I am unsure.  I am highly addicted to trying though…god, I better leave and see the kids…be back soon, I am sure!

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