Its always rough

Its always rough for an artist when it come to pricing your work.

It seems everyone has an opinion.

If you were to value your time and materials, more often than not the customers gasps at

the price.

If you lower your price to their ridiculous expectations they say in bewilderment, that it is

too cheap.

Yet they buy it.  Perhaps they say it to ease their guilt?

Other artists like to tell you what to price your art at.

Its a never ending circle of advice.

Yet at the end of the day, if like me, this is how you feed your family you do what works

for you.

Another goal for 2017, is not to let all these voices in my head.

I will do what works for me.

Unlocking the Circles

img_7610I know a lot of people think New Years resolutions are silly.

I don’t think I am one of those people.

I am a goal person.

I have always set goals for myself throughout my life, they give me a focus.

If I achieve it great, but really the aim is more what I am after.

This last year was tough in the US.

This last year was good for my art.

I am heartbroken daily with the outpouring of depressing news.

I am an optimistic person.

Right now, it feels tough.

I feel as though I am running in circles.

My aim for 2017 will be to unlock the circles.

I will have an even better year in art.

Through my art, I will help make change.

Baby its cold out there



Today in Wisconsin it is bitter cold.

The sun is shining bright,

deceptively convincing us of another day.

It is extraordinarily beautiful.

With the cold comes a quiet,

a beautiful quiet.

The temptation to go out is minimal,

so we view the quiet beauty from the safety of our windows.

I am content, painting indoors while the lightness shines in.

I am painting with such contentment and color.

2016 has already been a better year than most.

How do I know?

My painting is telling me so.

It is bright, rich and happy.

Which is what we all should be this new year.

Bright, rich (in friends and love) and happy.

Happy New Year All!



December 2015

I have begun my annual painting hibernation season.

It is a seasonal tradition for me.

As much as I say the cold is no longer my friend,

I feel I am lying.

I produce more work in the dark winter months.

I turn down parties and dinner dates, so I can stay in my studio and paint

in the dark night hours.

This December is strangely mild, yet I carry on my hibernation


I have to remind myself who my friends really are.

Fall – the season of shedding


My art continues to evolve.

I am still most interested in the process, more than the product.

Abstraction has a hold on my attention.

It allows me such freedom that I have not felt in a long time.

I feel as though I was a kept woman.

So stuck, so tight.

Painting with little brushes, and little canvasses.

Now I am bold, bright and big.

Big color, big texture, big inspiration.

I am painting with my hands, cardboard, knives..what ever grabs my attention.

I am hungry for creation and discovery.

I am thankful that I shed my old painting layer.

Full Circle

Acrylic PaintingI

How my art evolves is always a learning experience to me.

I am not the type of artist who decides to illustrate my mood intentionally.

I am the type of artist who paints from the heart.

I let my brush guide me – instinctually.

When I am done creating I view my canvas,

it is as though I am looking in a mirror.

This image is a reflection of what is going on in my life

good or bad.

All my creations reflect my moment, my time, my life.

I have started painting very geometrically,


I was trained as a graphic designer in college.

It is interesting to me that my designer has returned.

I have always loved the tools,

the t-square, the triangle the templates.

Like my paintings,

I have come full circle.

Different Paint ~ Different Style

November Acrylic Series

I like where I am in my painting life

I feel a sense of maturity

I have embraced abstraction

Which I find common with mature painters

I no longer strive for the perfect still life

I no longer strive for the balanced shading

I seek experimentation and complexity without thought

Here is where I paint instinctively

I let my hand and my heart guide me

I paint with Oils – I get texture

I paint with Acrylic – I get pattern

I no longer worry what people will say

I embrace the collection of styles and techniques

When I was starting I was told to latch on to a style – Why?

Isn’t it my purpose as an artist to seek creativeness?

I no longer worry

I just paint from my soul….